• CIBC Economics Research

    CIBC Economics Research produces industry leading economic commentary, forecasts and in-depth analysis for the institutional and investment community.

  • Week Ahead Calendar

    Canadian and US economics calendars including CIBC estimates.

  • Economic Insights & Analysis

    Detailed economic commentary addressing current-day issues.

  • Forecasts

    Latest CIBC economic, budget, interest rate, commodity and fx forecasts.

  • In Focus

    CIBC’s most in-depth economic analysis with investment implications.

  • Reference Material

    CDN/US release calendars, indicators and Central Bank schedules.

  • Budget Analysis

    Latest federal and provincial budget  releases, including CIBC analysis.


Most Recent Reports

Presented below is a comprehensive list, and brief description, of all CIBC Economics reports types. Please follow the associated link to see the latest version of each listed report type.